There are many bars around but this place offers the best of both worlds: really good drinks you would expect from a bar and loud party music and a small dance floor you would normally find only in clubs. The nightlife and bar scene is easy to miss, and often the streets seem dead on the weekends, but hidden throughout the city are some fantastic bars and nightclubs, you don’t want to miss. Bars in München Sophia & Daniel Robinson's Bar Robinson's Bar Corneliusstraße 14 "Alternativ" Bisschen teuer Pretentiös? Alter Hof near Marienplatz!Find More Details! Services. How cool is that? Tramezzini fresco. I enjoy Johnnie’s Tea or the Poison Monkey for when I am feeling crazy. Stop by their distillery for a tour or keep an eye out for it on the shelf at the local bar and ask for it by name! Sushi rolls for starters, roasted lemon chicken for main (or if you want to splurge try the dry aged steak) and a heavenly cheese cake for dessert. Most days from 5pm-10pm with tasting and tours starting later around 7 pm. It’s pretty reasonable, as you get a few tickets upon entry and can use them for various tastings. Muri's Lounge in der Landshuter Allee 128 im Stadtteil Mosach (PLZ 80637) ist in. München kann mehr als Maximilianstraße, Hofgarten und Isar. Die Zwei - Bar Restaurant Biergarten. Near central Munich, the staff is friendly, and it’s excellent drunk food for the trek home. Ihr könnt zwischen verschiedensten Fleischsorten wählen und diese Individuell zubereiten lassen. Every Thursday you can participate in a beer pong tournament with the prospect of winning 50€; be careful though, as that is the only day they take an entrance fee if you arrive later than 9pm. Inhalt. Never fear, there’s a lot of fests for you to consider. With rich colors, velvet chairs and gold pineapple lighting fixtures, this oozes hipster vibes. Anlass genug für die Macher des Barguide-München-Blogs, in Zusammenarbeit mit der InMagazin Verlags GmbH einen aktualisierten und auf Schönwetter getrimmten Stadtführer mit den besten Münchner Bars und Freiluftoasen zu produzieren.. Mit diesem Guide möchten die Autoren Amadeus Danesitz und Alex Wulkow interessierte Leser auf eine Art Heimaturlaubsreise durch München … Bar alle åbningstider, kontakter, anmeldelser With a fantastic sound system, Bob Beaman is small and intimate but packs a punch in the Munich nightlife scene. This is often times how Germans can party so long, they make their drinks strong and then cut them in half. online kaufen kann. I always tip at a fancy restaurant. It’s near the university and is a popular student hang out, which means cheap, strong drinks and good vibes. The view on a sunny day is stunning and the cocktails not just very tasty but also very unique. Franzstraße 3, 80802 München. Das vielseitige Land, das sich stolz die größte Volkswirtschaft in Europa nennen darf, bietet auch den Freunden der Barkultur einiges: Progressive Cocktail-Kreationen treffen auf traditionelle Getränke. Cozy downstairs, nice outdoor seating." Take a day tip out to their cafe for lunch in the beautiful Alps, or keep an eye out for it at your local bar. One of the best alternatives to the very upscale and hip nightlife scene of Munich. What can I do today in Munich? Well, this beer is a strong beer. Inside the bar feels like a large living room and on a cold day there is a fireplace to warm you up - if the drinks fail to have that effect on you. The local police number is 110 and medical is 112 . Wed-Sat: Doors at 11 pm I’ll start with my favorite and arguably the best spot in town. Andreas-Danzer-Weg 30, 85716 Unterschleißheim. Address: Sonnenstraße 8, 80331 München. Bar Gabanyi is dimly lit and moody with a piano in the corner with occasional live music to accompany cocktails. Für den Whisky sorgen wir. Try “The Duke” gin, “SLYRS Whiskey”, and “Monaco” vodka. Open to 1 am on weekends Schellingstraße 22, 80799 München. Most of the citizens are on constant watch for everything from Jaywalking to shoplifting. Munich is a very safe city, I once left my bike out in front of my house for an entire month while traveling Australia. It is a price that if you return the glassware you will get money back. Possibly the largest in Munich, you get that grungy industrial vibe as you dance the night away to Germanys top DJs and traveling acts. End of January Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm Zeige Filter. Bahnhofplatz 1, 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian, 80335 München. Tue-Sat: 8pm-3am Sun – closed Mon:8pm-1am Bezug auf den Service eine der besten Shisha Bars in München. Their mission is basically, “we do what we want, how we want and if you don’t like it then you can fuck off.” That’s something I can stand by. And again some bars' charme just lies in their imperfect yet unique furnishing ... Ein Service der Landeshauptstadt München und der Stadtwerke München GmbH. You are definitely looking for something different and are not willing to go just anywhere to take your drink. Das Food-Bar-Club-Konzept auf der Leopoldstraße vereint alles, was Schwabing selbst zur Legende werden ließ: lebendige Widersprüche, charmante Patina, wohlige Wohnzimmer-Atmosphäre und unvergesslich ausgelassene Momente. Easy to find, the bar is ten minutes from Marienplatz. Shocked at the price of your beer? Cash is called Bar in Germany, so someone may say you must pay with bar. It attracts a younger, hip crowd, and they’ll whip up anything from your classic Dark and Stormy to more elaborate drinks with coffee and bourbon. Hey Luigi manages to stand out with an individual interior, good drinks and heavenly delicious and affordable pasta. It is small and locally owned, so you know the quality and care put into distilling their product is top of the line. Very relaxed and so not Munich the atmosphere is very inviting for a fun night out. Sedanstraße 9, 81667 München. new list. They play sports on TV, have pub food and friendly staff. Bars und Kneipen in München. Drinks tend to be quite strong in Germany, assuming most adults can handle their liquor, so be ready for strong drinks from stark beer to mostly gin in your gin and tonic. Damit Sie direkt zu Beginn punkten können, haben wir Ihnen die besten Bars, Cafés, Restaurants und Ausflugsziele für das erste Date in München zusammengestellt. So, for beer, you would say Ein (one) Bier (beer), Bitte (please). Café Kosmos Middle of July End of June – Begining of July Our tastes are mainly having a good time haha! At 5 am the working servants could leave their masters- who would often still be asleep and enjoy a party of their own. Cheers!) The crowd mainly consists of students or young professionals and everyone is here to enjoy themselves - and the cheap drinks. JK, don’t stalk me, creeper. If you bring a to-go cup, they can even make you a cocktail to go, and you can hang out in nearby Gartnerplatz in the summer. Immer für einen Snack zu haben. - Display in city map. Hallo, ich bin auf der Suche nach einer 2er - 4er WG mit netten und entspannten jungen Leuten. Diese 5 Bars in München haben einen hohen Flirtfaktor. If you don’t fancy any of my recommendations, feel free to email me or leave me a comment with what you’re looking for, and I’ll be happy to help. Looking for parties events in Schwabbruck? While it is becoming more common for places in Munich to take credit or debit card, often time you’ll need a local card called an EC card, which you get with a German bank, or Cash. Have fun hitting the town! You may want to avoid bars and clubs around the Hauptbahnhof as they have a higher risk of scam and are often gambling halls and strip clubs, but if that’s your jam- go for it. The bars here are a mix of dive and ultra classy. If you’re here for the Hofbraühaus you can find it at Platzl 9, 80331 München as you exit my page and enjoy your touristy time in Munich – not judging – I promise. Oktoberfest: If you’re an introvert, such as myself then don’t miss my Oktoberfest for Introvert’s guide. Local alcoholic drinks in Munich & Germany, Happy Solstice and Yuletide everyone! The oldest wine house in Munich, this is a must experience for any wine lover. Mon-Sun: 10am-6pm They’re a bit pretentious about their beer, and they have every right to be. It all looks fantastic! Other options at Barschwein and The Keg I mention in the post they usually fit a decent amount of people. When someone cheers you, either with a beer or cocktail, it is custom to make eye contact with each person you cheers and say “Prost,” which means cheers. This place has THE BEST to go pizza by the slice I have ever had. (Hint: It’s the two or three bar stools to the far left of the bar.) The staff will help you pair the perfect local wine with your meal. The first bar I ever went to in Munich – literally the day I landed I was invited here by some friends. If you’re in Munich in early February, don’t miss one of Europe’s best beer events in Europes best city for beer! Munich, Bayern, Germany. 10am-1am Also genau das Richtige für alle Fleischfans. This wasn’t always the case, as the cocktail scene is relatively new in Munich. They don’t have over-the-top garnish or presentation, but they do the classics well. However, whoever pays last is responsible for the entire bill, so make sure you get your order right! Get to know Munich's iconic bar and club scene and make new friends on this exciting tour through some of Munich's hippest and trendiest bars and clubs in Munich's party area while rolling around in a party bus. It’s a great dive bar to hang out with a young crowd and get drunk. As well as a program of electronic music and DJ's. Geburtstag feiern, Jahrestag oder die Beförderung. Learn how your comment data is processed. While Munich can’t rival Berlin, I will say the great thing about Munich; everyone is welcome – looking at you Berghain. The website is in German, but I trust you can navigate the ticketing system! Jaded Monkey, Die Cocktailbar im Herzen von München. Mon-Fri: 3pm-9pm Sat: 10am-6pm Sun: Closed check out their very own tastings and cocktail classes. If you’re on a tight budget, stop by a kiosk and buy beers for the road. Germans are generally in good spirits when drinking, it is important to keep your fists down and bring your comradery. We’re staying in Schwabing – excited to hit the town! Fresh reviews: Still awesome place! Tue-Sun: 6pm-2am Sun-Mon: Closed My tastes are a bit more alternative and unique, so most of my guides skip over the touristy bro bars and the major breweries, so if that’s what you’re looking for you might be disappointed. I tried to avoid putting expat bars on my list, but this one happened to make the cut. Thanks for all the recommendations. Open at 7 pm closed on Sunday It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but you’ll find a good time waiting for you once inside. The Chocobo is a mythical bird from a video game series. Browse through our website in order to view more services. Live DJ music and a really attentive staff serving good drinks in combination with a very easy and outgoing crowd are the reason behind the popularity of Lizard Lounge. In most cases, you can lose all formalities and simply say the number, followed by the drink you want, followed by Bitte (bit-uh). Mehr Informationen über pubs & bars in Garching bei München und in der Nähe . Martin-Luther-Straße 2, 81539 München. Try the highball of the day or stick with a classic scotch and soda. Hier kann man im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes zwanglos ausgehen: Einen Dresscode gibt es in der Woche nicht – ob gepflegte Alltagskleidung oder hoch-frivoles Outfit, im Cheers ist … And don't forget your IDs! Amalienstraße 26, 80333 München. It is a large and spacious location with the traditional dark wood and leather of an American craft bar. The Duke was distilled by two students who had a dream to bring craft cocktail and spirits to Bavarian. Register company: Sign up for a free entry in the city-map company list! Munich is fairly conservative and even younger girls tend to wear dark tights with shorter outfits and minimal heel. Mon-Sun: 12pm-12am Wobei auch das sehr stilvolle Ambiente und der gastfreundliche Service begeistern. Every year around the middle of July a wine fest takes place at the center of Munich. This resulted in serious German beer, but with a variety of flavors, colors, and hops. Mon-Sat: 6pm-3am Sun: Closed Der Gastro-Guide stellt kleine Lokale und Bars in und um München vor. Plan for a late night out. 2012 wurde die Goldene Bar von Drinks International London unter die 50 Top Bars International gewählt. Really useful! Try it for yourself at Munich’s The Potting Shed on Occamstraße 11. Or book now at one of our other 1457 great restaurants in München. Die beliebtesten Bars in münchen Vergleichstabelle [12/2020] - Das sagen die Verbraucher You should know by now I’m not going to give you the touristy and basic top 40 clubs in Munich, but instead, we will dance the night away at Munich’s best nightclubs for underground music and a unique scene. A gin and tonic will set you back about 5-6 Euro. Don’t forget to pin to your favorite European or German board! Bedste restauranter i München, Tyskland: Se Tripadvisor-rejsendes anmeldelser af restauranter i München, og søg på køkken, pris, sted og meget mere. Bayrischzeller Str. I talked about this in my intro, but I’ll beat the dead horse, Munich’s traditional beer isn’t that great. Address: Museumsinsel 1, Access via Ludwigsbrücke, 80538 München. Sternstraße 20. Looking for parties events in Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm? München ist keine bekannte Hochburg für Szeneviertel, dafür gibt es immer noch Berlin. A variety of shots ranging from toxic to radioactive and even flammable make it worth the time and money. This place cracks me up in a good way. Tal 31, 80331 München Upstairs you’ll find a full-blown dance floor with an energetic crowd. ... MÜNCHEN - Unsere liebsten Cafés, Bars… Coellner im Paragraph. What started in a garage is still made by hand and only shipped locally around the Bavarian area, you’ll be hard-pressed to find this popular beer outside of Munich, so make sure to stop by and try something light and refreshing like the Lemondrop with 7.5% alcohol, their seasonal brews or a new twist on a traditional Helles. They brew on location and have tasty food too, so bring your appetite and curiosity. Enjoy a lively night with a younger crowd trying all new types of drinks. This place feels like it belongs in the Melbourne cocktail scene. Located inside the Deutsches Museum, the world’s largest science and technology museum, the design and sound are fitting to be part of this prestigious museum. ⭐ Die Vergleichstabelle 12/2020 Detaillierter Kaufratgeber Die besten Favoriten Beste Angebote ️ Alle Testsieger Jetzt direkt vergleichen! Munich is a pretty laid back city, but it is a wealthy and clean city. So you’ll find cheap bars, speakeasies, late night cafes with wifi and a mix of locals, uni students, and expats. Munich has some fantastic events from whiskey expos to wine tastings. Milchstraße 17, 81667 München. Munich’s newest club just might become my favorite after spending NYE/NYD there. Richelstraße 26, 80634 München. Bar On, München: Se 2 anmeldelser, artikler og billeder fra Bar On på Tripadvisor. A dive bar for hipsters. Die sieben coolsten Rooftop-Bars in München 16. One of the better-rated clubs in Munich Harry Klein is well designed with an upstairs and downstairs area and a great dancefloor. Caffè e cappuccino forte. So bring your thirst and wallet! Yes, a PARTY BUS. Mehr Informationen über pubs & bars in München-Flughafen und in der Nähe . Cocktail Bars in town München. Ok, I’ll cave and give you a few pointers if you’re looking for something more top 40 mainstream. Mon-Sat: 6pm-1am Sun: 1pm-1am Prost! Also my friend loves hip hop, can we find that at any of the clubs? Is there any decent bars/pubs that are fairly central that I'd be able to watch. This next section is for you. Additionally, it is often quite safe as a female. But there are also some great microbreweries and alternatives to the big 6 popping up in Munich, such as Giesinger, that we will go over later. If you try one of their cocktails and fall in love, they even offer cocktail courses, so you can learn to make your own. Aber es gibt sie auch hier: Besondere Orte, an denen München irgendwie anders ist. Für genau solche Anlasse gibt es hier 11 besonders schicke Bars in München – et voilà! Die Partnersuche in München; Erinnerungen schaffen: 5 tolle Ausflugsziele für Singles in München ; Prosten, schlemmen, fein dinieren: die 23 schönsten Bars, Cafés und Restaurants; Die Partnersuche in München. If not, I trust I taught you well enough to go out in the world and find your favorite watering hole. They use paper straws, so they get extra love from me! Klenzestraße 89, 80469 München. Muri's Lounge Shisha Bar München. Now, this doesn’t mean get hammered, puke all over your travel buddies and go balls to the wall, this means drinking enough to have a great time, but usually doing so responsibly. Come here for cheap drinks and a strange experience you can only have in Munich. Fri-Sat: 11pm-8am Besucher berichten, dass die Shisha Kohle regelmäßig gewechselt wird, ohne dass man dem Personal hinterherlaufen muss. Log in. Frühlingsfest: The sister of Oktoberfest, it takes place in the same location and celebrates spring. Aber das Besondere an diesem Restaurant in Altstadt-Lehel schlichtweg die Küche: Hier gibt es ein absolut authentisches und feines mongolisches Barbecue mit hausgemachten Marinaden und exotischen Gewürzen. Reichenbachstraße 19, 80469 München. Fotoprojekt: Münchens traurig-schöne Geisterbars Ein Fotoprojekt inszeniert die Bar-Szene als gute Geister der Gastfreundschaft. In unserem Guide können Sie die besten Bars in München kennen lernen, verpackt in ein stilvolles Design mit einer Vielzahl an aussagekräftigen Bildern. They focus on rum cocktails and feature your favorite rums from S. America to Oceania. Most people don’t come to Munich for their cocktails, but there are quite a few places that serve tasty cocktails ranging from classic to “only in Munich.”. Best Bars Europe BEST BARS MÜNCHEN Bars Restaurants Hotels. You’re sure to make friends with locals and other expats alike. In November I'm going to Munich with my wife. Starkbierfest: No matter how hard I try I black out at this fest and end up in my bed wondering how one liter of beer did me in. Just about everything in this bar is cheap from the drinks to the ambiance. They also serve CREW Beer that I was talking about earlier. Fun Fact: Cocktail was first defined in the United States in New York. The list shows you all registered entries of the branch bars from München. If you go to any bar in Munich, you’ll often find plenty of local options for your mixed drink. Make sure you get a whiskey drink on the rocks and prepare to be amazed as they use their spherical ice maker to instantly freeze purified water for the most beautiful ice sphere you’ve ever seen. 1, 85609 Aschheim bei München. Bräustuben is good for groups too! Blumenstraße 15, 80331 München. I find the same, it seems even people who have been here a while have pretty lame suggestions. Cortiino hotel Ledererstraße 8a, 80331 München. With internationally recognizable restaurants becoming established in the rapidly growing city of Munich, the elite traveler has such a variety of cuisine to choose from that you will feel you have the world at your fingertips. With unfinished wood and strange art, it has a cool vibe, but you’ll find a casual crowd and cheap drinks. Erotic art hangs from the ceiling as DJs crank out dirty beats. If you’re celebrating an event as a local or just passing through, they have a back room where you can rent a bartender for your entire party! Continue. If you “forget” to return the glass you essentially already paid for it. Zu einer guten Cocktailbar gehören neben den perfekt gemixten Drinks eine ebenso grandiose Athmosphäre. Wine is about the same price, with local wines on the cheaper end. Mit Liebe zum Detail. Drink Mixing: It is common to cut your beer, juice or wine with something, such as lemonade, water, or a cola-like drink. Head over Heart Restaurant and Club or Film Casino if you want to dress up, pop bottles and be basic! Radler- is beer and lemonade mix. Cocktails; Contact; Welcome to the Jaded Monkey Bar Was es hier seit Frühjahr 2014 gibt: Gepflegte Drinks in relaxter Atmosphäre, feine Barkultur , kreative Cocktails aus hochwertigen Zutaten und eine hervorragende Spirituosenauswahl. They can’t sell beer, but they can do tastings and tasting they do. I love ordering from their rotating menu as the presentation of each drink is creative and unique. It is mostly a wine shop so that you can stock up for your hotel, but they also do tastings and have a lovely space to try wines and have some snacks. Not only can you spot these tasty liquors on the shelves, but you can stop by their bar, the Distillers Bar and try cocktails made with their own spirits. Deep in your heart you're a rock star and here you can be it. Read more: Privacy Policy, Munich is known for their beer, but if you came here only looking for traditional Bavarian beer, you’re seriously missing out! Unsere Tramezzini mit frischen Kräutern. Makes sense, right? 2014 veröffentlichte Klaus St. Rainer “Cocktails – Die Kunst Perfekte Drinks zu Mixen”. Most days 7pm-1am, open late on weekends Create Sun-Thur: 6pm-12am Sat-Sun: 6pm-2am Lucky for us this something different eventually revolutionized German beer. Gasp, I know! Register company: Sign up for a free entry in the city-map company list! Read about how sexual harassment changed for me since I moved to Germany. Most beers in restaurants are about 3-5 Euros. Whether you're a local, new in town, or just passing through, you'll be sure to find something on Eventbrite that piques your interest. We’re not too bothered about hard core music but somewhere where people can dance or sit and chill. Address: Gewerbestraße 1A, 83355 Grabenstätt. 3 entries found. They also have some dangerous hot sauce and weird German late night TV. I have a soft spot for these guys. Whether you’re a tourist passing through looking for a good time or a Munich local wondering where all the best nightlife spots and events are, I got you covered. Continue. Eine abwechslungsreiche Wochenkarte ergänzt das umfangreiche Tapas-Angebot und unser mediterranes Speisenangebot an … This single malt distillery uses local malt from their neighbors to craft something truly Bavarian.

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